Pizzacraft PC6503 PizzaQue Outdoor Pizza Oven & Pizza Oven Leg Kit

If you are looking for something with the versatility, you may need to consider this Pizzacraft PizzaQue. With a clever name like this, you may get the idea that this model is a portable barbeque for pizza. 

This set is sold as a kit that includes both the legs and the actual pizza oven. Once this PizzaQue heats up, you can have the first bite of pizza in your mouth in about six minutes. 

If you have a group of hungry people, the Pizzacraft will continue to knock out pizzas because it heats itself to 700 degrees in less than fifteen minutes. This is some serious cooking power and certainly better than your traditional barbeque or oven. 

To add to the positives on this model is the included pizza stone, which helps make sure your dough cooks perfectly and evenly. There is no reason to say no to a portable pizza maker that you can put on your table or next to it using the included legs. 

With a built-in thermometer and the fact that all you need is a propane tank to get yourself started, the Pizza Que is a great outdoor pizza oven option.