Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Rectangular Roasting Dish

This enameled cast iron cookware is stylish enough to sit alongside your newest pots while cooking like the old cast iron pans. Versatile enough to roast chicken, cook lasagna, and bake brownies. This pan does it all.

The cast iron material bakes evenly without hot spots and offers heat retention. This pot is oven safe for cooking at any temperature. It provides all the benefits of a cast iron pan without any of the hassles. Dishwasher safe, it cleans in a snap. 

Thanks to its durable enamel with easy-release and stain-resistant properties, there is no need to season your pan between uses. The pan also has easy-to-use handles for safe serving. 

Trusted since 1925, the Le Creuset Cast Iron Rectangular Roasting Dish is a popular choice for big families. It makes one-pot meals a snap. With its sturdy design, it’s safe to use in the oven, the grill, and all hob types, even induction. It comes with a lifetime warranty.