Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Cookware – Best Pasta Pot With Steamer

Sometimes you need your pasta pot to be more than just a pasta pot. If you are looking for a pot that will function as a steamer as well, the Calphalon Contemporary is a great option. Calphalon is a reliable name when it comes to pasta pots and cookware in general. One of the best things about the Calphalon brand is the fact that it is nonstick.

The inside of the Calphalon has three layers of nonstick coating. The combination of these three layers makes this pot very easy to work with. Even when steaming the nonstick function is extremely important. Depending on what you are steaming, there will be residue in the pot that could easily stick should this nonstick coating not exist.

The Calphalon pots come with a lifetime warranty, and they are also dishwasher and oven safe. This is a tremendous benefit when you are looking for an all in one solution.

Since the Calphalon pot is made with heavy-duty aluminum and it has the nonstick covering, it can also get a bit heavy. The handles get a bit hot, and you must be prepared for that when you are going to be straining or dumping this pot. Some people enjoy the durability and weight of this pot. Others find a stainless steel option to be a better fit.