Bialetti 07265 Oval 5.5 Quart Pasta Pot – Best Pasta Pot With Strainer Lid

When preparing dinner, the dishes start to accumulate quite quickly. Clean up comes along with the job of making dinner. Sometimes having a pot with a strainer lid can save you just a little bit of time. Not having to wash a strainer and a pot is one of those little things that make cooking that much more enjoyable.

The Bialetti 07265 Oval 5.5 Quart Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid is an even-heating aluminum pot. When you are ready to strain this pot, you simply twist and lock the lid in place. This is both a convenient and safe feature. Trying to strain a pot while holding the lid in place can get cumbersome and dangerous as well.

The oval design on the Bialetti allows you to cook longer noodles without having to break them. For a true chef, this is a must-have feature. Another great thing you will notice about the Bialetti is the heat resistant handles. The handles make this pot even more comfortable to manage while you are straining.

Our favorite feature we saved for last. The Nonstick interior on the Bialetti is a tremendous benefit. The Nonstick will help you cook without having to coat this pot in heavy oils and butter. For an authentic Italian taste, you need a nonstick pot.

It’s hard to beat the pricing on the Bialetti pot. You can also choose several colors should you not be set on the black. There is also a stainless option available, but you will have to pay a little more money for that.

We love this pasta pot for a quality option with a strainer lid. There are only one or two small things that you must consider before purchasing. The first is that this pot is not dishwasher safe. The fact that it is nonstick means that it will only take you a few seconds to wash. Still for some, not being dishwasher safe is a deal-breaker.